Rayjet 300

The Rayjet 300 is the upgraded version of the Rayjet standard model. Up to 80 watt laser power and a workspace with 726 x 432 mm size makes it the ideal laser engraver for demanding applications. Rayjet machines are the perfect solution for education providers, ask about the incentives available for purchasing. 

A compact laser for demanding entry level user

  • Suitable for entry level users as well as professional engravers.
  • Speedy, the fastest and most productive laser machines in the market.
  • Closed construction, essential components are protected from dirt and dust. This is why you can operate without virtually any maintenance and cleaning requirements.
  • Low maintenance costs result in higher up-time and lowest cost of ownership.
  • CO₂ laser system.


Work Area, 726 x 432mm

Max Height Workpeice, 200mm

Laser Power CO₂, 80 Watts

Overall Dimensions, 1090 x 890 x 590 mm

Weight, 135kg

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