Trotec Materials

Trotec Laser & Rotary Materials

Trotec Laser Materials have been produced with the optimum qualities for laser processing. The plastic sheets contain a PMMA (acrylic) core and are perfect for laser cutting and engraving. Browse our range of durable, acrylic-based engraving supplies that can be laser cut and engraved at high speeds whilst producing high quality results with very little post production cleaning.


Trolase Trotec Laserable Material

One of our top sellers in the laminate range, perfect for interior and exterior signage in a full spectrum of colours


Trolase Metallic Plus

UV-resistant due to a special top coating, the perfect metal look laminate for exterior use

TroLase Metallic

The authentic metallic finish makes it an ideal material for trophies, plates and signage

TroLase Thins

Thin and flexible, perfect for applying to curved surfaces

TroLase Reverse

Clear acrylic glass which can be mirror engraved and infilled with colour

TroLase Textures

A 2 ply, scratch resistant acrylic based material is durable in demanding environments


Great for stencils and face shields

TroLase ADA Signage

Popular for creating 3d signs

TroLase Lights

Flexiable with adhesive

TroLase Foil

Thin two layer flexiable engraving material


Transfer Film


Trotec Rotary Materials Only

Trotec rotary materials are specially designed to provide optimum results when processed with mechanical engraving devices. Choose from materials with thin surfaces that allow for fast, detailed engraving to tougher engraving materials with thicker top layers.


With a thin foiled surface, intricate details can be produced quickly


TroPly Metallic Plus

Metallic effect laminate with a scratch resistant top coating

TroPly Metallic

The lustre of real metal with a thin top layer for fine line details

TroPly HiGloss

Highly polished and lustrous in colour, the thick cap offers resistance to abrasion

TroPly HiGloss Reverse

A glossy finish with clear acrylic glass with coloured backing layers for reverse engraving


Trotec TroGlass Series

Our TroGlass acrylic series is available in an extensive assortment of colours, in variations of transparent, fluorescent, translucent and non-transparent, as well as different surface structures. The transparent, fluorescent and translucent colours offer constant light transmission superior to similar glass colours. The wide range of colours and different surface characteristics make Trotec's acrylic glass the number 1 choice for outstanding and eye-catching applications.

TroGlass Pastel

TroGlass Glitter Acrylic

Opaque, intransparent cast acrylic

TroGlass Mirror

Trolase Trotec Laserable Material

Extruded acrylic glass with a refective surface


TroGlass Glitter Acrylic

Cast acrylic with glitter particles

TroGlass Colour Gloss

Glossy finish on both sides

TroGlass Satins

Satin surface on both sides

TroGlass Duo


TroGlass Neon

Fluoresecence colours

TroGlass XT

High thickness accuracy

TroGlass Reverse

Transparent acrylic with coloured coating on the reverse

TroGlass LED

Optimized to LED light waves


Trotec Woods

Trotec offers solid engraving wood panels, panels with authentic laser wood veneer, plywood panels, and MDF in the engraving material range. Our laser wood can be engraved and cut with CO2 lasers with excellent results, and is frequently used as a material for model making and structural elements. It is also a popular material to produce personalised gifts, product displays and high-quality design elements.

Solid Wood

Trolase Trotec Laserable Material

Smooth, matte and laquered surface

Wood Veneer

Trolase Trotec Laserable Material

Veneered wood sheets


Trolase Trotec Laserable Material

Satin surface on both sides


Ideal for model making

TroCraft Eco

Natural cellulose fiber


Perfect for coasters and wall decorations


Trotec Paper

LaserPaper is a laser-friendly paper available in a variety of shades and gsm weights, which produces outstanding results when printed, laser cut and laser engraved.Trotec‘s LaserPaper has been carefully selected to produce a high level of colour contrast when laser engraved as well as a crisp, clean edge when laser cut. LaserPaper is incredibly versatile and can be used for a multitude of applications, such as invitations, brochures, business cards, scrap booking, greeting cards and more.

LaserPaper Colours

Especially suited for laser processing

LaserPaper Wood

Real wood surface on white cardboard backing


Ex Australia Stock

Trotec Australia has a vast range of engraving laminates in stock. Trophy Wholesalers has approx 75% of them in stock at Hamilton. If you require any colours that we don't stock we are able to land them in NZ within approx. 7-10 days using TNT couriers. International freight charges apply. Sheet price will be similar to products we already stock. If you have time, we can include them in our next stock order for no extra freight charges.


About Trotec

Trotec is part of the Trodat family of companies, which has been setting new standards in the international engraving and marking industry for over 100 years. They now offer a broad portfolio of engraving materials through the aquistion of US laminated plastics expert, ILC.

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